Sir Odric, Captain of the Knights Guard and protector of the Kingdom of Haldor is hit by an enemy's curse and reduced to his childhood body while retaining the spirit and attitude of a veteran warrior.

Little Knight and the Scimitar of Sages is a 250 page Middle Grade graphic novel adventure that celebrates fantasy elements from mythology, fiction, film, and video games. Young kids will love seeing the big, bruising Sir Odric in a body they can identify with, while he remains more fearless than anyone else. 

Little Knight pages will be posted soon!


This webcomic follows Zombie Jr. - a plucky zombie boy out in the world on his own for the first time. After just one day in a town full of monsters and misfits he joins a gang of rapscallions, meets a girl, and learns that teenagers should be avoided as much as possible.

Join Zombie Jr. on all his adventures as he learsn more about his friends and his own past.  


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